ELE Flashcard Flipbook: Let’s Practise ‘-s’ Endings for WINDOWS


A beautifully illustrated flipbook with over 100 pages to help your students and children with the pronunciation of the different English ‘-s’ endings.


This is a beauitfully illustrated flipbook designed for you to use from your laptop computer. You can even connect a projector if you want to use it with your students in class. The flipbook uses animated pages to make it look, sound and feel like a real book. The flipbook contains:

  • The word in singular and plural form.
  • Audio support for both singular and plural form.
  • Support boxes for difficult sounds.
  • Marked stress and syllables.
  • Colour coded pronunciation rules (no difficult explanations!).
  • Phonemic script (to help teachers)
  • UK and US phonemic script where the pronunciation may vary.
  • Simple exercises to help your students and children practise the ‘-s’ endings.
  • You can find FREE support for the book and extra resources here: https://eleclassroom.com/2019/05/20/to-s-z-or-%c9%aaz-plural-s-endings-in-english/
  • A FREE online version is available at that link too!

Before purchasing please check you have:

  • Windows and Internet Explorer.
  • Laptop, desktop computer.
  • Currently the flipbook is only supported on Windows platforms from laptop and desktop computers.

What happens after you purchase:

  • Once payment is accepted you will see a tab to download the flipbook immediately.
  • Alternatively you will receive an email confirming purchase with a download link.

Type of file:

  • The file you download is a ‘View‘ file which can only be opened in Internet Explorer.
  • This will direct you to a ‘Download’ page linked to our Google Drive.

What you are downloading from our Google Drive:

  • The end file is ELE Flashcard Flipbook S Endings for WINDOWS.exe. 
  • The file size is 67.9 MB.
  • We offer a FREE online version here, but it can be very slow depending on your internet connection: https://eleclassroom.com/2019/05/20/to-s-z-or-%c9%aaz-plural-s-endings-in-english/
  • If purchasing from your phone, locate the ‘View‘ file on your phone and transfer to your laptop or desktop computer.
  • We will soon provide flipbooks compatible with Mac OS systems.
  • See the video below for a nice demo of the flipbook in action!

If you are using Windows 10 you might see this (you can click on each image below to enlargen):

Step 1: Locate ‘View’ file.

Step 2: Launch in Windows Explorer

Step 3: Download

Step 4: Good to go!


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