Helping your students develop reading skills: All About Fruit

Hi everyone. Welcome back!

Today we will try something a little different from our previous blogs which focused largely on pronunciation. In today’s blog we focus on helping your students develop reading skills. For this we designed a nice reading activity about fruit. We also use the same fruits from our previous blogs.

We have made some videos to go with the reading to help you become a bit more famliar with the activity.

Part 1 Introduction to the reading activity
Part 2 Materials you need for the reading activity
Part 3 About the materials for the reading activity
Part 4 Setting up a group activity with game elements
Part 5 Demonstration of the group reading activity

Hope you find our videos useful! We have also included a ‘Teaching Procedure’ to help you even more!

In our next blogs we will do more videos showing more activities you can do with flashcards and pronunciation cards.

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