Our FREE ELE Pictures Are Now Available!

Over 200 free high quality hand-drawn colour pictures added and UPDATED weekly!

Hi everyone. It’s been a while since our last post but some good news for you! We have now uploaded over 200 pictures for you to download and use as you wish! These pictures are updated weekly so stay with us and let’s make 200 into 2000 and more!

The pictures are available in our FREE ELE RESOURCES menu. They are grouped accordingly and very easy to download. Just choose the picture, right click and ‘Save image as’.

You can use the pictures for anything! We use them to make flashcards and books to help teachers and students with pronunciation rules and fluency. You can see these at our ELE Shop!

Below is a video demonstrating how we use our ELE Pictures to make flashcards.

How to make flashcards with our ELE Pictures

You can paste our ELE Pictures directly into PowerPoint and use in your class instead of printing them out (which can be very expensive to do!).

Here are some pictures we added recently! Can you guess what they are?

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Until next week!

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