NEW Fluency Flaschard Flipbook Coming Soon!

Hi teachers!

This is an update on what we are working on right now.

We are working on a nice new flashcard flipbook to help beginner students practise fluency. This will be available soon in our ELE Shop, however we will provide you with a free version and add the individual pictures to our ELE Flashcards in our ELE Free Resources section for you to use how you want.

The new fluency flashcard flipbook will be nicely illustrated (as is usual with this website!) with audio and utterances for your beginner students (and yourself if you wish!) to listen to and practise. Notice that we have included several levels of difficulty to help push your students to become better with their fluency. Can your students reach Level 4 excellently? We shall see!

In the meantime you can have a sneak peak by sliding the images across above. What do you think? Excited? Please LIKE, FOLLOW, COMMENT and SHARE if you do!

Thanks again teachers and catch you all again soon!


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